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Author: Dawn Brookes

Publish: July 1, 2017

Price: £7.99

ebook: £3.99


Hurry Up Nurse: Memoirs of nurse training in the 1970's

by Dawn Brookes

'Hurry up Nurse! is a great addition to a popular genre. Dawn Brookes seems to have picked up where Jennifer Worth (Call the Midwife etc.) left off.'

Hurry up Nurse follows the ups and downs of a trainee nurse in the 1970's. Written with humour and candour, it follows the experiences of the author as she and her friends come to terms with the non-stop hustle and bustle of hospital life. A wonderful and entertaining read.

Author: Dawn Brookes

Publish: September 23, 2016

Price: £7.99

ebook: £3.49 click on smaller image

The eagerly anticipated sequel to Hurry up Nurse! Memoirs of nurse training in the 1970s.


This follow-up book will not disappoint.

This memoir follows the author to London in 1980 where she takes up further nurse training at a hospital in the heart of the Capital's East End.

This time the author moves into a nurses' home so expect some antics as she and her new found friends settle in.

Hurry up Nurse 2: London calling

is another charming medical biography that includes a lot of humour but also a lot of compassion as you would expect from this author.


There is a lot of nursing and medical history to pack in as it is set in a hospital specialising in heart and chest surgery in the relatively early days of coronary artery bypass surgery. Cancer chemotherapy is in its infancy and tuberculosis is rife in the East End so there's also a lot to learn.

Added to all of this is an enquiring young mind who, having been told to avoid the God squad does the exact opposite coupled with her love of night life and the opposite sex, sparks might fly.

There are some lovable characters in this book, from the charming Mr Robinson who sees potential in this lively young woman, now aged twenty-one, to the girls who live in the nurses' home; the night porter and of course the patients' who touch all of their lives. If you liked the first book you will love this one.

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