dawn brookes

Dawn has worked for the best part of thirty-nine years in the NHS in England. Initially training in Leicester in the late 1970's, she then moved to London in 1980 to undertake a specialist cardio-thoracic nursing course. After this she travelled around Asia for three months prior to moving to Berkshire for further training in 1982. She later trained as a midwife and then as a district nurse. As well as nursing qualifications, Dawn has a BA Hons in community healthcare and an MA in Education.


When her father became ill she moved back to the Midlands and worked as a Community Matron and moved to Derby. She later worked as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner.


Dawn has never confined herself totally to nursing, she has been an amateur photographer for forty years and ran a photo restoration business for a few years. Dawn has taught youth groups and childrens groups as part of her church life.


Dawn started investing in property in 2012 and holds a small property portfolio.


Dawn is embracing life as an author and expects to be writing across genres. Her first self published book is a memoir of her initial nurse training and this is the first of three that she intends to publish.


Number One Bestselling author of 'Jesus Feeds a big crowd'' her childrens books will be developed alongside other writing. Dawn intends to publish professional books as well, drawing on her eclectic experience.

I believe there are no limits to what a person can achieve if they set their mind to it, no matter what background we are born into, we should not be restrained by boundaries. I was born into a working class background where there was no money and life was a daily struggle for my mother. In spite of this she did her best and taught us that the most important thing in life was to be honest and earn respect. She once told me that it takes a lifetime to develop a good name and only a moment to lose it. I have never forgotten this. I left school with hardly any qualifications but I was determined to make something of my life, if it hadn't been nursing it would have been something else. I don't believe that your background dictates who you are. I hope that my memoir demonstrates this. I hope to engage readers from every walk of life through my writing. Please enjoy, if you do, tell others, if not tell me and I will work harder to improve.


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